Because I travel a lot, I found that there weren’t any handbags available that were strong and sexy enough at the same time (and if they were, everybody else had one just like it). Everything was either too small (really cute but impractical) or too big (way too practical but not at all fashionable). So I wanted to create a handbag that fit my lifestyle… (and my laptop at the same time).. and that’s when my mom and I created the MUXO handbag. With my needs and my mothers fashion design background, we got to work.

MUXO handbags are influenced by the two places I spend a lot of my time in... Brazil and New York. They are as ready for the beach as they are 5th avenue.

Thank you again for being here, and know that with each MUXO handbag you purchase, you’re getting a unique, one of a kind piece, that's handmade with love, care, and quality. From my mother, Fatima and myself, Camila Alves.