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Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth
This is one of the most special clutches I've seen!
The Broaches are original vintage and they were hand picked by me in different parts of the United States. Most of them are from the 1950's/ 1970's with some exceptions of few Victorians. And Most of them were made by a American company from those times and found on collectors books!
There are only one of each Broach in this collection so you will be purchasing something that only you will have!Believe me pictures can't express the beauty of these pieces of jewels they are truly unique in don't see this kind of work these says anymore!

Fabric: Rich Velvet

Manufactured: handmade in the USA

Approximate Dimensions:
H- 6"
L- 5 ½"
W- 6 ½"
DROP- 0"

Delivery time:  1 month

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All our products are a contemporary design with a rustic finish and are for unique individuals.
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